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Mermaid Melody

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The dazzling BloomyZone Makeup Brushes Mermaid Melody set, will help you create enchanting and bubbly makeup designs. The BloomyZone Makeup Brushes Mermaid Melody set includes 6 mermaid tail brushes:

1. Powder Brush: the BloomyZone Powder Brush will allow you to set and touch up your makeup.
2. Contour Brush or Angle Blush Brush: the BloomyZone Angled Contour Brush enables the precise application of the contour and the blush.
3. Stippling Brush: the BloomyZone stippling brush creates a flawless, airbrushed finish.
4. Foundation Brush: The BloomyZone Foundation Brush will allow you to blend the foundation out smoothly, so you can get a natural look.
5. Angled Brush: The BloomyZone Angled Brush will create a killer eyeliner and gracefully fill out your eyebrows.
6. Eyeshadow & Blending Brush: The BloomyZone Eyeshadow & Blending Brush will apply eyeshadow with precision onto your eyelid, giving it a soft and touch.

Explore all the wonders of the ocean with Mermaid Melody!
Be the queen of the reef, and create majestic makeup with the BloomyZone Makeup Brushes Mermaid Melody set 6 Pieces.

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