How to get a clearer skin at-home

How to get a clearer skin at-home

Tired of your dry skin? Here’s the best methods without products to get the glowy skin you want

Did you know skin is the largest organ in our body? And did you know that we shed thousands of skin cells every minutes?

So it’s crazy to say that our skin is not important, everything in our body is . Hopefully, we love to look good, we are obsessed with it because we feel good when we look good, it’s part of human nature, and so does our skin.

Long years ago, humans had a healthy skin due to many reasons such as the shortage of stress in their lives, also the surrounding of nature in their environment, unlike us. In fact, our world is getting worse and it’s damaging us in our own health.

So how can we deal with this while keeping our skin glowing?

1-Exercise frequently:

“You need to exercise”, you probably heard this any times in your life without truly taking the time to understand why you should exercise, and why people recommend exercising from the start.

The reason for that is we know intellectually that exercising is beneficial for us, mentally and physically, including our skin.

According to scientists, exercising is a form of movement that increases blood circulation, therefore more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the skin, which keeps it healthy and promotes collagen production and new skin cells that keeps the skin looking glowing, it’s very beneficial for anti-aging too.

Exercising frequently is more beneficial if not necessary for anyone who’s looking up to have a clearer skin in the future, because working-out frequently helps the skin heal its problems and it regenerates itself more often. But you don’t need to start working 3 hours everyday for 20 years to see the difference or the change, doing that can cause the opposite effect of healing the skin.

In other words, working-out according to your body over a period of time is more than enough to notice the change, while putting into consideration time for your body to rest.   

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2- Avoid frequent sun exposure: 

Sun is essential to humans, it provides us warmth and lightening and many other vitamins that the body needs to stay healthy, but what about too much sun?

Scientists say that sunlight is comprised of varying wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation ranges from very short cosmic rays to very long radio waves.Ultraviolet rays generate free radicals that wreak havoc on cellular material. They are capable of altering not only the DNA but they may effect membranes surrounding the skin cells, destroying or altering enzymes and proteins required for cellular metabolism and affecting amino acids.

In other words, sun is a double-edged sword, too much or too little sun is unhealthy, the sweet spot is staying in between, so our skin can have enough sunlight to properly develop.

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3-Avoid stressing:

Stress is indeed the most common and most-known medical term in our world, due to its effects on the body. And as usual the skin is no exception.

When we stress, we are prioritizing one body task from another,for example we are prioritizing mind functions over skin healing and other skin tasks, and the repetitiveness of it can damage the skin in the long-term, which can lead to inflammations, acne breakouts, dry skin and many more skin problems.

According to scientists, stress has a huge role in causing many skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and many more skin rashes, which is stressful in many ways.

Anyway, stress is part of our human nature, we are created in a way where we are sensitive to some situations and the result of this is stress. However, stress can be abnormal when it’s repetitive, like daily, weekly, yearly or even during our whole life.  

So, I’ll let you imagine what type of damages it can cause to the human body 

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4-Go to sleep:

Sleeping is one of the most crucial and essential form of rest known to humans. 

In fact, sleep is one third of our life, in other words around 229,961 hours in our life.

So what happens when we sleep is our whole body have the time to heal itself, including the skin that produces collagen to heal its wounds, also inflammations and skin damages.

But when someone is deprived from sleep, he not only does end-up with under-eye circles and low energy, but he’s also more likely to get dehydrated and irritated, and an increase of acne and fine lines.

The next time you go to sleep, take care of your sleeping time to give enough rest to your body and skin.

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5-Have a routine: 

Whether you’re taking care of your skin already or not, having a routine is a must if you really want to see changes and progress in your skin.

Start off by organizing your workout sessions, sleeping routine, then the frequency aka how many times you’ll workout, and of course the monitoring and tracking of your routine.

And by developing it over time, results will start to appear. Your skin will be more clear, soft, smooth, and more glowing.

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